Ready or Not…

my packing piles
my packing piles

I’ve been gathering the requisite items for my trip: money belt, adapter, gifts for hosts, hand sanitizer, pepto, and no less than 3 bottles of DEET in different forms. Physically, I’m feeling close to prepared and ready.  Mentally, not so much.  I depart for India in 5 days but I have other things on my mind:  I still need to write 3 final papers, put in a final day at work, help plan a big event that I’m missing next week, celebrate my mom’s birthday, and find out if all my stuff is going to fit into my backpack.

But I know this is happening whether I feel ready or not. And I am committed to showing up and being present in the experience.   I like to be in control, and I know I will need to relinquish it.  I have few expectations, aside from knowing this will be far different from the rest of our MBA experience.  I do feel ready to embrace the unknown and the challenge, and I am confident and thankful I will be in good company.



6 thoughts on “Ready or Not…

  1. Well stated, Jude. I couldn’t agree more. We have a rough few days ahead of us (and many behind us) but being present and ready for this adventure is priority #1! And rest assured, I’ll be right there with you relinquishing my need for plans and constant control. My only expectation is that this will be one heck of a learning experience. All in it together!

    1. Add one more control aficionado to the list! There is no better way to force this impulse to take a much needed nap than to drop oneself in completely unfamiliar surroundings. As rewarding as it will be, it can also be taxing (my control impulse is a loud snorer), so it’s good to know that there are similar personalities so we can provide support for each other.

  2. The relationship between vulnerability and leadership is a life-long exploration for me. One thing I love about travel is how it brings places I’m working hard at being in control, and attached to things happening in a certain way, to the surface where I can see them more easily than I can in my home context.

  3. Hoping for a wonderful trip and awesome adventures in India for you and all of your fellow travelers. Be safe, and take good care of each other out there.

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