We all have our reasons…

With only four days left to the beginning of a once-in-a-lifetime experience and preparations winding down, I have a million things on my mind… finals to survive, projects at work to hand off, friends/family to see before I go, etc. But there is one thing I’ve made an effort to always keep in mind no matter how hectic things get. Why am I doing this?

The answer? My family. My interest in social enterprise stems from my genuine gratitude for the foundation my parents provided throughout my childhood and for their continued support today. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for all they’ve done. I volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters a few years ago in an effort to help a child who has been less fortunate in her family life. I hope to someday utilize social enterprise to assist underprivileged kids and to strengthen family units because of the impacts strong family ties have had on every facet of my life.

Anyone who really knows me knows that my parents and two brothers are my world. And as hard as it will be to miss the holidays at home, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to further explore India beyond the program. And my family’s support has been fantastic. Within 24 hours of one another, I received two incredibly thoughtful gift packages: one from my brother and one from my mom. All of the items were amazing and greatly appreciated, but two items were particularly meaningful: a moleskin journal with hand-written notes from my brother and a suitcase Christmas ornament from my mom with ‘India 2012’ written on it.

Travelin' Gifts from the fam
Travelin’ Gifts from the fam

My family led me to where I am today as I’m about to embark on this adventure, and their support solidifies that I made the right decision to grab this opportunity. I can’t wait to embrace it with this incredible group of fellow travelers.

And so, I’ll leave you with the ‘Travelin’ Proverb’ written in my journal:

“May your walkin’ sandals carry you to new places, new experiences and new understandings without so much as a single blister or stubbed toe.” – A wise Dan once said, Dec. ’12



12 thoughts on “We all have our reasons…

  1. Good Luck, Kate. I added your blog to my Favorites and will be looking forward to reading it. Your parents I’m sure are very proud of you as they should!

  2. Big ups for the “Travelin’ Proverb”!

    Thank you for sharing about the importance and impact of your family. I’m glad to get to know a little more about you and your background before we jump into the crucible together!

    1. Hey Mike – Thanks for your comments. The ‘Travelin’ Proverb’ cred goes straight to my brother. He’s a crafty fellow. Feel free to ask me about our 6 day road trip from Ohio to Portland together last year =) Good times!

      And as for the coffee, I made no effort to bring caffeine along as I thought it might be good for me to de-grad school (i.e. detox). However, if I start looking sad and sitting close to you, you’ll know why… =) I appreciate the offer to share.

  3. P.S. Speaking of thoughtful family gifts, my parents just gave me 4 8-packs of Starbucks Via for the trip. It isn’t the greatest, but it works in a pinch when the coffee needs more punch. It’s good to have parents with the same addictions.

    Anyway, I recall you are a fellow coffee hound, so I wanted you to know as I’ll have plenty to share!

  4. We are very proud of you, Kate. Know that our love goes with you wherever you may be.
    Praying for safe travels and awesome experiences for you and all your fellow adventurers.

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