Just about there…

India has always been a country that I have been extremely interested in visiting. I have pushed back doing so, however, because of mental preparation. My friends who have been come back with stories of spiritual expansion, and experiences that have opened them up to whole new ways of thinking. I have wanted to experience, or at least visit, the country that induced this experience in so many people that I love. And now I am ready to. On top of this, I never studied abroad in my undergrad and always wanted to. Lastly, the curriculum for this course took my interest light years beyond the others. It was a perfect match!

Preparation has been difficult for me. I put too much on my plate this term, and it has been a sporadic process. I hope that my 5 day journey to Hyderabad really gives me time to collect my thoughts. On the physical preparation, I’m a light packer, so I’m not too worried about that either!

I will constantly be asking myself, while in India, “What can I do to be respectful and leave a good impression?” I know that America tends to have a bad reputation, so I want to be as least invasive as I can be.


2 thoughts on “Just about there…

  1. Slater, I’m very happy for and jealous of you for your 5 day ease in to Hyderabad. I don’t know how I could have planned any different, but that sounds like a wonderful way to prepare oneself. What a gift!

    Regarding your mindfulness about being non-invasive, it’s my hope that we can all work to incrementally reverse the well-deserved reputation of the American tourist.

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