I Might Miss My Morning Oatmeal, but I Love That Beat!

Have you ever been on a trail run with the beat of Indian music in your ears, matching your foot falls on the forest floor?  I recommend it; you just might find yourself in another world for a while.  I have been grappling with how best to mentally prepare for this journey to India, and I now realize, there is no way to be ready.  I have made a million lists, for work, for school, and for this trip.  I still do not have everything checked off, and this morning as I sit down to reflect on the insanity of the last months, I realize it is okay.

In this moment I feel a deep sense of gratitude to my family and friends who had the play-by-play of the last month leading up to this day.  I am overwhelmed and so thankful for their love and endless support.  I am thankful for my colleagues and managers at work who are covering for me, and who approved and encouraged me despite the added burden it puts on them.

Finally, I feel thrilled to be able to spend the next several weeks focusing on one subject, in one place, with learning objectives around one theme.  I am excited to put all of myself into my time in India, instead of the many things I find myself pulled between in my day-to-day world.  So, this morning despite needing to leave in an hour and still putting stuff in my bag, I am grateful.  I am enjoying my last bowl of Oregon blueberries and oatmeal for a couple of weeks, drinking my tea, and sending loving thoughts to my family and friends.  I look forward to seeing the amazing group of people with whom I am about to start this program, very soon.  Safe travels to all.  India here we come!




3 thoughts on “I Might Miss My Morning Oatmeal, but I Love That Beat!

  1. This is a beautifully written post, Katie. My appetite is whetted to read more of what you write on the road. -Alison PS: I’ve been running to Bollywood music all this last year. No matter how many miles I’m logging, it makes me smile.

  2. Such a lovely, well-written post by a lovely, well-rounded woman. It made me cry. Wishing you the very best, most inspiring, SAFE trip of a life time. I’ve got our home town covered, you go change the world my amazing friend!

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