Day 0: fabulous afternoon in Hyderabad

Half of the group arrived by noon on Saturday (local time) and our amazingly wonderful hosts at Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad arranged for us to head in to Hyderabad proper (ITM is roughly 30km south of Hyderabad) to do some sightseeing. A BIG THANK YOU (Dhanyavaad!) to our hosts for the afternoon, Rahul and Pearl, both 2nd year MBA Finance students. A hearty thanks also go out our intrepid cab driver who safely shepherded us through the mind-bending downtown traffic. Eep.

We visited Chowmahallah Palace first, which could be a blog post of its own. I’m very intrigued by the unexpected dragon symbolism in some of the pieces; a prize to anyone able to shed light on where that came from.

We then took a trip to Birla Mandir temple which was overwhelming in its scale and beauty. Once we made it to the top, the view of Hyderabad was amazing. I’d post a photo, but can’t as no cameras or cell phones were allowed in the temple. Having to shed my iPhone, which those who know me is essentially an appendage, was an interesting reflection on attachment, especially in context of the place.



One thought on “Day 0: fabulous afternoon in Hyderabad

  1. I am benefiting from seeing Hyderabad through your lenses, both the ones you polished at home and the ones that are being reshaped by your experiences. I visited the Seven Wonders of Hyderabad after following the links in your posting. Many Thanks.

    Susan (Alison’s mom)

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