Collaboration at IMT


Our time in Hyderabad has been spent staying at the campus of Institute of Management Technology (IMT), one of the top 10 business schools in India.  During our time here, IMT has graciously hosted us and invited us to engage with students for an excursion to the handicraft market, a debate on social enterprise, and a cultural event including singing, dance performances, a rendition of Julius Caesar and a lighthearted, arguably talent-less but heartfelt contribution on behalf of the PSU students.

Let me just preface this by saying that one of the most challenging things about the PSU MBA program for me has been group work.  All of our projects are done in teams, mimicking the realities of the corporate working world.  Earlier this week, our collaboration with IMT students deepened as we worked in mixed teams on a social marketing campaign in a local village.  My team looked at issues of drinking water access, and produced an infomercial as our campaign.  On this day, I realized that being on the tail end of my MBA program, I must finally be getting used to navigating team work: Much to my own surprise, I found the experience of working together with the IMT students synergistic, collaborative and enjoyable.  The students here have impressed on all levels with their intelligence, creative ideas, work ethic, and sense of humor.  Before coming here I didn’t realize that interaction with local students was a component of this program, but I am so grateful that it was.  Thank you so much to Archana and the students of IMT.  I’d like to extend an open invitation to our new Indian b-school friends to come visit us in Portland so that we can return the favor of hospitality!


2 thoughts on “Collaboration at IMT

  1. Hi Jude,
    I have enjoyed your blogs. I am very interested in your activities in India. Seems like you have contributed and learned a great deal. Visiting and working in a country with fewer resources than the US is always an eye opener. Have fun on the rest of your travels and I’ll talk to you when you return.
    Love, Bev

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