Dhanyavaadaalu (Thank you)

Yesterday the group sat down together for the last time to make our final presentations and share our closing reflections with Verghese, Kim, and Alison.  As the program comes to a close, it’s impossible to gauge the number and magnitude of takeaways. 

In the spirit of our group’s tradition (thanks, Alison) of daily acknowledgments, I’d like to make a little shout out to everyone. 

  • Adam, thanks for your brightness and clever insight which was invaluable on this trip.  Thanks also for your enthusiasm and contagious ear-to-ear grin. 
  • Jude, thanks for being so dependable.  Also you have the most lovely and calming presence which is incredibly valuable in big, chaotic group dynamics.
  • Kate, you are one of the most understanding, supportive people ever.  Thanks for being so warm, considerate, and refreshing in any and every situation.
  • Katie, you are an excellent listener and give excellent advice.  Thanks for making me feel sane amidst insanity.  I couldn’t have asked for a better roomie and new friend. 
  • Mike, thanks for your hilarity, warmth and quirkiness, and for reminding us all not to take ourselves too seriously.
  • Simon, you add so much strength and balance to the crew.  Thanks for your eternal optimism and for reminding us how silly it is to complain, especially in India.
  • Slater, you are just all-around such a fun, amazing friend. Thanks for being so human and compassionate, and for reminding us all to stay adventurous.

And of course to our professors:

  • Alison: Thanks for being so dedicated, hardworking, and articulate.  Your attention to detail is impeccable, and made the ridiculous logistics of this trip that much more manageable for us all. 
  • Kim: You are one of a kind, and easily the most hilarious professor I’ve ever had.  Thanks for your brilliant insight, and for keeping it real particularly during the most ridiculous times.

Of course a gigantic thank you must be said to everyone at Byrraju Foundation and both the staff and students of IMT for your amazing hospitality, cultural ambassadorship, and unique wisdoms.

You have all played a crucial role in making this experience so unforgettable.  Cheers and Namaste



One thought on “Dhanyavaadaalu (Thank you)

  1. Cheers to you Michelle! I feel so fortunate to have had you for a roommate. It meant so much to me to get to know you better. Your sense of humor, warmth, and openness brought so much to the group. See you soon!

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