Finishing Thoughts

I have been thinking about how this trip has and will affect me quite a bit the past few days. What I realized is this: I do not want to just take these experiences and newfound wisdoms home with me. I want to spread them. Not in a pretentious, in-your-face manner; just in a model by example one. I would love to embrace the hospitality, the continuous smile, and the community based lifestyle, and do my little part in letting others see it, whether or not they can/want to ever come to this lovely country. It might be a small impact, but one that I feel driven to start. I am still working on how to actually do this, outside of smiling more and sharing more of myself with people. I’ll let you know what I come up with.


3 thoughts on “Finishing Thoughts

  1. Well put, Slater. I’ve been thinking about how to bring back the hospitality ethic and spread more smiles as well. Maybe we’d need less anti-depressants as a nation if we’d just learn to engage with and smile at each other more.

  2. Slater, I like this post. Something shifted inside for me in India, and all I want to do is spread the happiness I feel through the way I interact with people day-to-day. Of course, I had to recover from my jet lag first…

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