One reason we deserve a Winnebago

The health care industry has been one that has seemed daunting to me for years. I wouldn’t say that I have avoided it, but I definitely have not been active in throwing myself into any situations where I would be involved. Here was my chance.
We worked with the Care Rural Health Mission, looking for gaps in their program, specifically the Hypertension market. Even though this scope was broad, the project supervisors gave us enough focus, clarity and preparation to really dive in knowing what we were after. In the end, our recommendations were to implement group therapy and education programs to help utilized villager konwledge, as well as create a social marketing campaign. Before our deliverable in February, we will be designed such a campaign, and I couldn’t be more excited!
Really though, this project has solidified something that I started to discover last week, something that I wouldn’t have guessed in a million year. Primary research is SO exciting to me. The interactions energized me every single time.I have been looking into some PhD programs, and my main concern was the interviewing process. Now, I feel as if I’m counting down the days until I can utilized these skills again!
This trip has been exhausting. It has been life changing, eye opening, and full of bumps along the road. It felt like there was no end in sights, which at times either devastated or excited me. But powering through, making sure to pace myself while soaking in as much as possible has been a tough, but highly influential, experience. Thank you to everyone involved. It really could not have been better.


One thought on “One reason we deserve a Winnebago

  1. Slater, I realized that I forgot to give you props on the “deserve a Winnebago” reference. Word up!

    I know what you mean about primary research. Not only is it energizing, it feel like it’s more an art form than a science. I wonder why we don’t have to do it as part of our curriculum until the very end of our program.

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