The healthcare project train continues…


One brief introduction providing only a smidge of insight into what the day holds
Several pieces of paper listing contact info and a vague scope of work statement
One lengthy PowerPoint we don’t have time to review
One driver waiting outside with instructions to take us to an address we assume is located within our packet o’ papers

… and you have the recipe for the beginning our of final consulting project. This ‘sink or swim’ approach has become a hallmark of this trip. And it has been an enlightening experience that forced me to push more boundaries of my comfort zone than I thought I could. And for that I am grateful.

And we’re off! Team healthcare – Michelle, Slater and me – and our soon to be beloved driver, Masood, depart from the IMT campus headed for the downtown office of the CARE Foundation. CARE is the 4th largest hospital system in India, and it’s non-profit Foundation was founded in 1996. The Foundation then began the CRHM, Care Rural Health Mission in 2009 as a means to bring healthcare to the villages of India.


As a result of our limited but collective experience in delving into healthcare initiatives in rural India, team healthcare stayed together to work on this consulting project in addition to the earlier project started at the Byrraju Foundation. The experience at Byrraju had been extremely challenging in terms of time provided for learning about the problem and time for research. We also experienced difficulty with translation and consistent information. This experience in mind, I had no idea what to expect, or worse, I might have known exactly what to expect. However, within a few hours of arriving at the CARE Foundation I knew we were in for a much different experience.

Enter Girish and Prasanth. Girish acted as our overall project sponsor while Prasanth acted as our primary contact and travel/research companion. A big, big thanks to both of these guys for helping get us started and on the right track early. This is crucial in a 4 day consulting project!

Prasanth spent several hours on Monday morning walking us through the basics of CRHM’s two primary projects and giving us a taste of the project with which we’d be working. Girish then gave a detailed rundown of how CRHM functions in one of the two primary projects and how we could help the Foundation. We were tasked with looking across the spectrum of service – organization to doctor to nurse to patient – for the hypertension market to identify any gaps in the realm of engagement and awareness. And with this information, we set out to create our questionnaire to conduct primary research and then spent two days in the field with Prasanth speaking to patients.


We provided a status update presentation yesterday morning and will continue to work with CARE to finalize our consulting project in early February. I can’t wait to dig into more research and provide recommendations to help advance this great organization.

This project has proven to be a fascinating look into the world of rural healthcare… an environment I can hardly fathom as an option for medical treatment. The impact of entering into this world and speaking to patients who are happy just to have a healthcare option is beyond enlightening. It continues to solidify for me just how lucky I am and how precious something as essential as healthcare really is. It’s enriching and slightly upsetting to realize just how much I take for granted.




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