About the course

Social Enterprise in India is an international field study through which students work with, learn from, and lend experience to social entrepreneurs in India. Building on their desire to understand complex social problems and make a meaningful difference, students gain practical knowledge and experience of social enterprise as a strategy for solving social problems in the Indian context.

During this rigorous two-week experiential course students will learn about social enterprise through a combination of site visits to social enterprises, applied field work, in-depth dialogue with experts and social entrepreneurs, group exercises, video and written cases, readings and interactive seminars. Students will all have the opportunity to collaborate with Indian students studying the intersect of business and the social sector.

From December 9-21 students will explore the cities of Hyderabad, Bhimavaram, and the surrounding rural area. Week one will focus on the theory and practice of conducting primary field research to understand social problems from local contexts. In week two, students will gain hands-on experience conducting consulting projects for social entrepreneurs.

The course will explore a wide range of societal problems from poverty, health, equity and illiteracy to water, energy and resource issues, and then examine different social enterprise models to address these problems. Students will also assess key strategic and operational issues related to social enterprise both as a business model and as a social change strategy.


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