One cup of tea

December 9, 2012 — 8am

I walk slowly from the faculty guesthouse to the campus in the brightening morning light, taking the long route along the road instead of the short cut across the field. A wiry bicycle ridden by an even wirier boy passes me. The boy and I catch each other looking back over our shoulders.

The Institute of Management Technology – Hyderabad campus is only a year and a half old and is still under construction. “The campus is designed according to the asymmetrical architectural rules of vaastu shastra, the Indian equivalent of feng shui,” Archana, our faculty host, informed us yesterday on a campus tour. “This is to improve energy flow.”

As I go through the process of adjusting to local time, 12 ½ hours ahead of Portland, I could use some improved energy flow.

I slow my stroll down even more as I pass through the campus courtyards toward “the mess,” hoping to absorb as much vaastu energy as possible. I’m an hour early for breakfast but my vaastu prayer is answered when Rajeesh, a boy who helps in the kitchen brings me a hot cup of chai as I sit down with my journal and wait for the rest of our class to arrive.

Three more of our students arrived in the wee hours of the morning. Orientation starts at 10am, when we’ll meet some of the Indian business students we’ll be working with during our time in Hyderabad next week.  The pace is about to pick up.

But first, this quiet morning and this perfect cup of chai.



The chai station in the IMT mess
The chai station in the IMT mess